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Client Testimonials






Mr 'T' - Cleveleys 

March 2016


I would like to Recommend Cris for the good work she as done on my back under hypnosis ... WOW ... I  did not think it would work because I  have had a prolapsed spine for over 27 years ... but I can honestly say since my last session with Cris which was last week ... I have had no problems whatsoever . No twitches , No pain  No locked back , and no leaning to one side .. and under the hypnosis I never felt asleep ... so if anyone is actually suffering from a prolapse or just a back injury I HIGHLY recommend Cris .... Big thank you Cris for all what you have done for me ... You're amazing ..


Miss 'J' - Thornton

February 2016


After biting my nails for years and years I went to visit Cris in October last year. I am delighted to say that I haven't bitten them once, since that session. 

When I broke one recently, I automatically used scissors to trim it, instead of nibbling!







'Lou' - Poulton 

February 2016


Cris (and Hypnovan!) have enabled me to feel more able to express my opinion at work without worrying about others opinions.

Her techniques to relax at bedtime have also helped me get a proper nights sleep, first time in years!

Can't thank you enough!

Be back for no smoking soon.....






'L'  - Great Eccleston

7th Jan, 2016


Door Unlocked!

Hi cris. I cant tell you how grateful i am for the help you have been to my daughter. Its like you unlocked the door that has set her free. I've waited many years to see her being the person i always knew she was under all that trauma. She is like an emerging butterfly with the newfound ability to be confident and relaxed in a way i never thought she'd find. Instead of constantly walking on egg shells around her she can now find the power within herself to address difficult situations in a calm and rational manner thank you so much xx



And one year later.......


"Hi there Cris. An add on to the story: My daughter is off to Australia on a 12 month visa. Who would have thought it? She has come so farand found her wings thanks to the help you gave her last year. Here's to the future xxx




Miss 'S' - Poulton   
8th Nov 2015


Thank You Cris!

I had never experienced Hypnotherapy before and was a little nervous about the process. There was no need for me to worry as Cris walked me through the process and helped me to understand the positive benefits of the therapy. Cris was born to help people heal. She comes from a place of empathy and deep understanding. She speaks to you in a beautifully poetic and soothing way. Her softly spoken, velvety voice is like a lullaby and will transport yiu safely into a deep and hypnotic slumber. This is where Cris helps to mend your broken pieces back together again. When the process is over, you reemerge stronger and ready to face the challenges that made you weak.





Karen - Thornton    
8th Nov, 2015


Extremely RelaxedThe ambience was lovely and very welcoming, music was relaxing. Cris spoke in a lovely tone, rate and volume. I felt extremely relaxed and chilled. I focused on what Cris was saying and felt myself drift to a peaceful place, away from my hectic hustle and bustle life.




Debbie - Thornton    
8th Nov, 2015


Less Stressed

" Since having hypnotherapy for relaxation I have felt less stressed and less anxious after just 2 sessions . Cris's 'hypnovan' is total escapism."





Jackie - Thornton
8th Nov, 2015



I couldn't believe how calm and relaxed I felt after, as I wasn't sure it would work being as stressed as I was, it was amazing and after just one session





Miss 'F' -  Thornton
8th Nov, 2015


Sense Of Wellbeing

After a 30 min visit to the hypnovan my breathing feels deeper and slower and my body is relieved of tension. The experience has made me more aware of my body when it is under stress and I immediately apply the breathing techniques and consciously relax the tension in my body. I enjoy the tranquil and sense of well being I receive after a relaxation session.





Emma - Thornton
8th Nov, 2015



I had a fabulous experience at Hypno Van. Cris made me feel instantly at ease. The environment that she has created is warm and inviting. I have never experienced such deep relaxation. I am feeling the benefit daily, I am getting better quality sleep and have a more positive outlook. I'm looking forward to further sessions and would highly recommend cris and Hypno van to anyone




Miss 'N' - St Annes    
11th Nov, 2015


Blew Me Away!

New to hypnotherapy, this experience blew me away! From the moment I arrived at the 'Hypnovan', I was totally at ease and relaxed, thanks to the skills and reassurance from Cris. Desperate to de-stress and relax, Cris took me through a journey that left me feeling totally relaxed and serene. Something I had not felt in a long time. Her soothing and calming voice guided me along this amazing experience, yet leaving me totally in control at all times. I slept deep that night and woke refreshed the next morning. I'm looking forward to my next session!





Miss J - Thornton;    
Nov, 2015


Fabulous Technique

Loved my session with you Cris, I wasn't sure I would be able to relax, how wrong I was. With your fabulous technique I was able to follow the steps your soothing voice gave me and soon found myself feeling weightless and relaxed, drifting off somewhere wonderful. Thank you so much Cris I came home and slept better than I have for years. Really hope I can sort another session soon




Mr 'P' - Thornton:


I would just like to say how my relax/hypno session went last week.

I think that that the hypnovan is an ideal platform for your sessions. It is small, intimate and can be as dark or as light as suits. Wether your clients feel they need to lay down or sit up it is still suitable.

The session was positive for me as, due to our previous discussions I wasn't convinced I would get anything out of it. I was pleasantly surprised how comfortable I was being led into such a relaxed state.

Time will tell how much benefit I will get from the therapy but the early signs are good. I certainly feel a little calmer already.

I look forward to our next session




Hi Cris again.

It has been a couple of months now since my last relax/hypno session in your hypnovan. I thought you would like an update to my improved demeanour.


Since the therapy I feel I am much more relaxed, patient and tolerant, especially at work. Driving a taxi in Blackpool can be stressful and frustrating but I am coping much better with it now. I separate incidents into those I feel I can influence and those that I  can do nothing about. If I feel a situation is out of my control I tend to accept it and hope it doesn't last long. If I feel the situation can be influenced I try to react positively, calmly and amicably.


My home life has been disrupted somewhat as we have a temporary lodger in my daughter's boyfriend. He has moved from Harrogate to be with her and they are looking to buy somewhere. I feel I have coped quite well with the situation.
If I feel I am drifting back to how I was before - snappy, intolerant and impatient. I just reflect on my life, what I have got and achieved and be thankful.

 In snap situations I tend to remove myself quickly instead of getting involved and making it worse. 
I also find putting headphones on listening to music therapeutic.


To reiterate then I do think the sessions helped me in a massively positive way, my life is much calmer and happier and for  that I thank you.





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