Welcome to Spiral Hypnotherapy
Welcome to Spiral Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis - what's the difference?

Put simply, hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness.



Hypnotherapy is the use of this altered state, for a therapeutic result. A person is not treated WITH hypnosis, but whilst IN hypnosis.


The subconscious is a kind of store room/reservoir of all our thoughts, feelings and emotions. Every experience we've ever had, every memory, whether we conciously remember them or not, are all stored there.


Have you ever spent the day trying unsuccessfully to remember a dream you had the night before? Then, as you drift toward sleep later, you begin to remember some details easily? This is because, as you relax, your concious mind is switching off, allowing your wonderful, creative subconscious to open up!


Once in a deeply relaxed state, the concious mind 'has a rest' and the subconscious becomes more active. This allows access to forgotten experiences and memories, which may explain why a person reacts and feels the way they do about certain issues.


The feelings connected to this reaction can then be changed. They can be altered so that new perceptions and more positive emotions can be attached.



Hypnotherapy uses a client-centered approach.



I treat the person, not the symptom.





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